(Click on above pictures to enlarge)

Tribute to Roger Jenkins's uncle Jay who died in Europe late in WWII.  The second picture shows Roger living a lifelong dream of being able to visit his honored uncles grave in the Netherlands.  It is Roger's hope that his uncle's sacrifice will always be remembered.

DGR thanks the Jenkins family for asking us to build these rifles.

(Click on above picture to enlarge)

KCD tribute rifle (seen above) was purchased for Roger's latest granddaughter.  The pictures below are of Roger's grandchildren and son-in-law of which each own a DGR rifle and two of them shooting their firearms.  Roger hopes to keep the shooting sport and appreciation of these firearm's history alive with his grandchildren.  (See below pictures)

(Click on above pictures to enlarge)

Roger & his Grandchildren...Future Gun Owners!

Read the July 2007 Precision Shooting article
written about M1s that DGR builds:


Click on the link below to read the 2010 barrel test performed by Joe Roxby and DGR and written about in the August issue of Precision Shooting Magazine!


Video regarding DGR!



Hi Michelle, I picked up my new Garand last night, and I just wanted to let you and Amanda how pleased I am with the results of the build. It is one of the most beautiful weapons I own- the quality of the fit and finish is outstanding.

WOW,  I am happy with your work.  In looking at your on line pictures I thought the shiny finish would be, well, more shiny.  This is good.  What you did with my rifle is exactly what I like!  I may wish that I had gone with the shiny finish on the H&R but I’m sure it will be good too.

Tomorrow I’ll sit inside looking at my new M1 and the blizzard outside.



Dear DGR,

I received my new stock last Thursday. I wasted no time mating the pristine HRA metal to my new Semi Fancy walnut stock. It is absolutely gorgeous.

This is what my CMP 1955 HRA M1 looked like if her ugly "Pumpkinwood":

 And here is what she looks like in her new DGR stock:


Thank you very much!

Best regards,



Good morning.

Thank you for an extraordinary job on my three rifles.  The M1 stocks are beautiful.  The Springfield ’03 is a real surprise.  The quality of the stock refinishing is beyond my dreams.  Parkerizing on all three is AAA+.

To have this quality of work done so quickly at a reasonable price….. I’m just very happy.  Please convey my thanks to your entire staff.  I will be recommending you to friends at the club.


I just wanted you to know it's a "typical Dean" work of art.

It's a little more special that the others I've bought from you....it's the only one that doesn't have a new barrel, yet everything on the rifle looks new.  I know your motto is "life's too short to shoot an ugly gun"  but these rifles I keep buying from you are so damned pretty I hate to shoot them. So typically they sit in the safe, when its time to send lead downrange I usually pull out a well used, not so pretty rifle. BUT....every once in a while I try to live by Dean's motto & live it up a little.

The Tanker Garand is still very special to me, I love how it handles and points.... especially since Dean kinda taught me how to shoot it. I always wonder if I'd bought it in .308 if the recoil might be a little easier to deal with. I might have to keep an eye out for one just to find out.

Just wanted you both to know I'm happy, happy, happy.

Best regards,


Dean and Michelle, this is karl from Louisa ky, yall restored my m-1 recently, and I got it in time to use it at camp perry in the garand match.  very pleased to report that in spite of heavy rain storms I was able to win a bronze medal, (couple points from silver) rifle performed wonderfully. thanks for the good work. P.S also won silver in 1903 match and gold in the vintage match. (weather was better during those matches, thanks again.

Hi Michelle,
    I was finally able to get out on the rifle range after all the snow melted, the daytime temps got into the 40's and the wind slowed.   Dean's restoration of my rifle was a dream to shoot.  I only fired 25 rounds starting at 25 and 50 yards to get the feel of the weapon and re-familiarize myself with loading and sighting through an aperture sight.  But it is the last 8 rounds fired at 100 yards that tells the story.  After experimenting at shorter ranges with the windage and elevation adjustments I was able to dial the rifle in to the X ring in only 8 rounds.
    Needless to say I am extremely pleased with the operation and function of my restored rifle and have received many compliments on it's appearance and the quality of the restorative work performed by Dean.  Thank both of you again for your efforts on my rifle.
    On a side note, some dear friends of mine moved to Knoxville last week.  I was invited (drafted, volunteered) to help them move over three days and had the experience of driving a fully loaded 6500 lb trailer and my 1/2 ton truck from Sheboygan WI to Knoxville.  I was very impressed with the steep hills, scenery, and the friendliness of Tennessee.  I am sure I will be visiting  my friends once they get settled (next year) and would like the opportunity to visit Jacksboro, on my way to or from Knoxville, to meet you both and shake Dean's hand.  This way I can boast that I have met the man that did the awesome restoration of my old rifle.
Best Wishes,

I received my semi fancy, shiny finished M1 stock w new metal from you several weeks ago and put the action in it and finally got to shoot it on Monday afternoon. The rifle shot reasonably well in the CMP stock after I modified the fit of it, now after putting the DGR stock on it, it shoots very well.  After getting a mechanical wind zero on the rifle, my last five shots were 3Xs and 2 10s on the SR target at 200yd. It looks good and it shoots very good, thanks.   SF 

Hi Michelle,

I picked up the 03A3 today. It is a very beautiful rifle and Dean’s work is superb. I could not be happier with the rifle and look forward to taking it to the range. Just like with the M1 everyone in my FFL’s store wanted to know where the 03A3 came from and if I wanted to sell it. They will have to buy one from DGR because mine are not for sale. Dean’s rifles are once in a life time pieces of art. I plan to enjoy mine for years to come and pass them down to my son.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and I wish you a Merry Christmas,


My Goodness Michelle – tell Dean Thanks so very much for a new rifle !  Never thought it would have ever looked this good again !!  Thanks to you folks for the great work on a poor old “sick” rifle !!!  Received it back here at home this afternoon (10/15/13)  Yes, it really did turn out GREAT !!!

Hello Dean,

I received the two Garands today, and both are wonderful.  It’s great to have an like-new M1.  I happen to own a CMP Special, and although it’s just great, there’s no comparison.    The extra fancy walnut is simply the most beautiful gunstock I’ve ever seen. 

Thanks much and Best Regards,


Thank you. 

Without question, the two M1 Garands I picked up from the FFL today, 5/29/13, are the most beautiful and treasured firearms I have.  I look forward to paying for and receiving the third one.  I treasure them not only because of their beauty but also due to the obvious care, eye for detail, perfectionism, and professionalism that Dean puts into his work.  I also treasure them for the history of what they represent to me – the freedom and liberty that we enjoy today based on the sacrifices of the service personnel who used the M1 Garand as their battle rifle in WWII, the Korean War, and the early part of the Vietnam War.  A thousand thanks to Dean for his work and to you, Michelle, for being the consummate professional regarding the paperwork, payments, communications on status, etc.  If I had the money (and I don’t), I’d have 10 DGR built M1 Garands. 

Thank you, Tom

Hey Gang,

Dean, you an outright G_ _ D_ _ _ genius!

Once again you are the best of the best of refinishing/restoration.

Your work is far superior to any I’ve encountered or experienced in the past.

I sent you in a turd and it came back far better than I expected.

You deserve the title Master Restorationist!

That’s the reason I keep going back to you for your exceptional work.

I will always be a return customer of yours.  

Thanks A Million,



I am now the proud owner of  2 Garands and 1-M1 Carbine, that have been reworked by Dean.  When I too delivery of my first "Deans Garand" and first saw what Dean had done with them I was elated. 

The first one (an S.A.) I purchased direct from Dean.  And I then asked him to rework my WRA Garand, and my National Postal Meter M1 Carbine. (This one my wife has always claimed)

These are so well done that I have all but decided not to fire them.  (That probably will not last long LOL)

For any one contemplating having Dean do work for you, all I can say is you need to get on the ball - You will never regret it!

God bless,

Rev Dave


Received the H&R yesterday and was able to get out and do some shooting tonight after work.  Just love the wood on this one, outstanding, just outstanding!!  The tiger stripping really is mesmerizing.  Like always going to have to get a few more rounds down the barrel for that accuracy that I know it'll do.  Ran out of daylight between cleanings.... one enbloc of Greek, clean, two enblocs after the first two then clean.  Maybe a little anal but what the heck, 64 rounds down the barrel and it just started to group, will get out again this weekend of course.  She looks good with the other Garands you did for me, Springfield, Winchester and IHC.  Have em all hanging on the wall, just to gorgeous to hide in the safe.  HA!
Thanks again!!!
Best Regards,

       My stock set arrived this morning. I don't know what to say, tickled to death would be a gross understatement!  All the problems one runs into putting on a new stock set were conspicuously absent. Inletting was perfect, nothing contacting anything it shouldn't, fit is perfect and the finish is a knockout! I thought I was proud of this rifle before. Now, if I croak it'll take three days for the Mortician to wipe this grin off my face!!  Thank you very much, you're the best!!!
Dave W.

Hello Dean
Just received my second DGR M1 last Saturday and as usual, it is absolutely stunning!!!
Of all the Garands I own, ( 9 of them) this one was the most beat-up, "rode hard & put away wet", sorry-looking old war-horse of them all.
Well, you certainly couldn't tell that now!  As always, you "done the old girl proud"!!!  Absolutely beautiful wood & metal work!!
It's only a VERY minor second to the first one you built for me.........a total match tuned M1 with that mesmerizing fancy maple stock with the clear finish.
That fancy maple stock with the clear finish is visible from 20 plus yards away & it attracts people like a magnet!!!
Good gravy, I've had that thing to the range 3 times & have never gotten a chance to shoot it because I spend the entire time showing it to folks & answering questions about where on earth did you get that stock & who does that kind of work?  They invariably ask "was it so & so over in San Jose'?  Or, "was it so & so in the Sierra foothills"?
I tell them "no, you have to go to Tennessee for THIS kind of work"!!
Hope you don't get tired of hearing all the same stories but hey, you do bring it on yourself with your craftsmanship!
BTW, not that it matters, but on both my M1's that you've done, you've replaced the rear sight base cover on both of them.
Yeah, it's an $8.00 part but I was just curious as to why it was replaced both times?
I have 2 more M1's that need your attention.  I thought about going to another place with a lower price & faster turn-around.
Too bad for them!!  Only Dean handles my Garands, now!
Thank you sir!
Lynn M.

Michelle and Dean,
I saw my rifle on the website last night after I opened my e-mail and found the shipping notice.
I am stunned with how beautiful it turned out.
I was able to call my son and share with him thanks to your posting the photo.
To say I am "happy" with the rifle does not do justice to how humbled I am that such a masterpiece of functional art was made for me.
I feel like a kid listening for Santa as I await its arrival at my FFL.

Thanks Again,

Hi Dean,
I'm extremely pleased with your work. The rifle is beautiful. The fit of wood to metal is top notch. The finish is very good and best of all, it shoots a tight group.
This morning I took the rifle out back to my 200 yard range and went prone and fired 3 sighters. Then fired 5 for effect. 4 x's & 1 ten. I'm happy happy happy. Thank you so much. This same rifle would not hold the black at 200 yards before you put your hands to it. This is a good example of accuracy being dramatically improved by a good stock fit.
I'm sending another M1 to you on Monday for another stock job.
Best Regards,


        I received my M1 today. Before I say anything about the gun I would like to thank you all for the top notch customer service. Michelle was great I changed and added to my order countless times. I always got an e-mail confirming my changes and just checking on things. Dean called me and made some suggestions on the work I needed and with no pressure from him we decided on a better package for me. 
    The gun is just....Unbelievable I can not explain. Your craftsmanship is the best in the business, the parkerizing is flawless, the stock is amazing. I could not be happier
Thank you sincerely
Rick B.


Really WOW!!!!!!!!!

Hello Dean,

Obviously I received the Garand today, and all I can say is that it took
my breath away!

I don't think I can begin to describe how great this M1 turned out, but
I think it's fair to say that you sir, are an artist!!!!!!

I have picked up this lovely 6 digit about a half a dozen times since
lunch and marveled at the wood, the finish and the history this receiver
must have behind it.
Thank you for this work of art, that I can shoot with pride....after
all, "Life's too short to shoot an ugly gun".

Your Satisfied Customer for Life,



Dean & Kenya
Thanks for the M1 you sent me back from the clunker I sent you. This rifle was originally a Blue Sky Import I purchased back in the early 90's to someday have it restored to primo shooting condition. I took it out to the range today. Here is a target shot from 100 yards off a rest. You put on a Barnett Douglas Military Contour Match Barrel, gave it a crisp national match trigger.  :)  It was shot with the issue sights that came on the rifle. The job you did with the stock and finish is outstanding. The parkerizing was flawless . Was a good day for the old guy whose vision ain't what it used to be as I got a few glances from the guys shooting scoped rifles.  When I started to get this rifle done I was told to send it to another place. I'm glad I didn't listen and chose wisely. All I can say is if you want a shooter send it to somebody else. If you want a tack driver send it to Dean.

Thanks for my rifle!
Grover, MSG, USAR (Ret.)


Attached is my first target with the new Match rifle you built. The Barnett Douglas barrel seems to work. This is 8 shots at 100 yards from a bench on an SR 21. The flyer was my first shot and I’m not sure what happened.

I went to Camp Perry with the Krieger barreled JCG rifle you built and shot a 259. The cut for bronze was 261. Oh well, as they say, next year. I went into the offhand with a 97 and a 93 and blew it, I actually had a miss, the rifle was defiantly there, but I wasn’t.   

Thank you for all of your craftsmanship and artistry, it is really appreciated.




Just got back from my first trip to Camp Perry and shooting the Garand Match.  I posted my best score ever, and I am sure a lot of the credit goes to the rifle you built for me.

I was one of the lucky ones selected to have my rifle inspected for compliance, and it passed with flying colors. I was worried about the trigger job, but it was fine. The armorer thought it was the nicest rifle he had seen all week.

During the match, my score keeper and a few others commented on how precisely my rifle piled up the brass at about the 2:00 position. Most other shooters were throwing brass everywhere, and although that is not necessarily a problem my rifle demonstrated what a garand should do when it has been properly tuned.

Thanks again for a great job on my rifle.



It was scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but it came today.

All I have to say is THANK YOU. This the most beautiful rifle I've ever seen. I have the urge to show off this rifle to all my family members. You were right all along, this rifle deserved to be fixed up right, and it shows.

The difference is not only in the beautifully made stock, but the flawless parkerization, the metal reshaping, and even down to the letter coloring. Hands down, this rifle just went from "beater rifle" to "Heirloom".

Thanks, and I can't WAIT to see what you can do with my 1903 Springfield!



Dear Dean,

I am writing this to let you know how much I appreciate your craftsmanship in the building of my

First let me say that when I first opened the box my eyes started to water and I just stood there and looked at the rifle for a few moments before I picked it up. After I brought the rifle up to my shoulder and looked down the sights I knew right away this rifle was special, not only is this rifle drop dead gorgeous, but also the way it feels in my hands is incredible.

Now the best part, I brought the rifle to the range this past Sunday and I immediately drew a crowd as soon as I uncased the rifle, people were amazed at the a the Bastogne Hybrid stock set and flawless Parkerizing, and it was even suggested by someone that I not fire the rifle for fear of getting it dirty. Well after thinking a moment about not firing the rifle I remembered why I had you build it for me and proceeded with the break-in. After firing about fifty rounds or so the rifle started to come alive posting ¾" groups at 100 yards, and I am sure that will improve with further break-in. I have handled my share of m1 Garand's but this rifle you built for me is just awesome.

In the coming months I will be practicing for the J.C.Garand match, and I am sure I have a rifle that could win it all if I can do my part. After my return from camp Perry I will let you know how it all turned out.

In closing, I just want to take the time to thank you once again and let you know that I consider you a master craftsman, and it has been an honor to have you build, in my opinion a world-class rifle!

P.S. Everyone that has handled this rifle (including my wife) has been floored by the Quality, Beauty, and Attention to detail it represents, and when I tell them that "Life's too short to shoot an ugly gun" they just smile because they have seen for themselves what that truly means.


Long Island NY


Got my M1 Garand today with the Fancy Maple stock. I just wanted to thank you on the workmanship of my rifle. It is beautiful. I don't know how you sell them as cheap as you do. Here a little jingle for you.

"Life's too short to shoot an ugly gun"
So, send in your rifle, or let DEAN build you one.
But be careful when opening the box and you may want to take awhile,
Because, if you have a heart attack, when you open it, it will take 6 undertakers a week to remove the smile.

Thank You for a great job. Randall.



Just received my HRA M1 Garand today and I can only say it was everything I could ask for. The grain and stain on the stock is absolutely gorgeous.  The parkerization is flawless.  Your professionalism and attention to detail are impeccable.  As for your customer service, Michelle is incredibly attentive to your needs and very friendly. Thanks for a beautiful rifle.  I can’t wait to shoot it.  By the way, two more are on the way.



Hi Dean,
Just a quick note to let you know the M1 you built for me is a real confidence builder. In the black with shot number two (after barrel break in), and no problem banging the steel ram at 200 yards constantly. I never gave much thought to entering a match due to my old eyesight, but now with this tack driver I may attempt to shoot competitively. Thanks again for a real beauty of a rifle.

Best regards,

PS: How often should I break down and clean the gas system? I want to avoid loosening up the gas cylinder and the barrel splines.


Two packages arrived this P.M. in good order. The rifles are magnificent, and add considerable class to my rifle rack. I agree with you, the government style stock was best left without stain. Good call. One of the best features of your service is your willingness to consult with the customer. Once again, it has been a great pleasure to deal with you. You are a true craftsman and obviously love your work. Should you ever need to use it, please feel free to use me as a reference.

Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)


Hi Dean,
Art doesn't even know I'm writing this, but I also wanted to thank you for making my husband so very happy.  He must have sat and gazed at that beautiful rifle for hours, I truly have never seen him so "jazzed".   I left to go to the store, and he was still sitting there smiling and marveling at your work.  I know little about guns, except for what I pick up here and there from my husband, but when he opened that gun, even I was just thrilled for him, you did exactly what he was hoping for (and even more!).  My husband has had a few health problems this year, and he has helped me through my health problems, and is the nicest guy in the world, and really deserved something that wonderful.  I personally just wanted to thank you myself.  In fact, we bought a new camera so Art could take a picture of his beautiful rifle to show the guys at work.  He was even going to go shooting with the temp at 110 degrees, but he realized he wouldn't have as much fun.  So instead, he went over to two of his buddies house to show them the rifle.  He said they couldn't believe how gorgeous it was.  My husband doesn't really show too much emotion when he gets things, but he couldn't stop himself when he got this beauty.  From my rookies eye, its truly the prettiest rifle he's ever owned, and I just knew you would make it exactly as he wanted it, and you did, he said it was even better than he expected!  So thank you, Dean, from a loving wife who loves to see her great husband happy.
Take care, and thanks again,
Jill G.



Just wanted to let you know I have received the rifle you built for me. It has to be the best looking M1 I have ever seen. Your attention to detail, and that beautiful stock make one outstanding package. My wife, who could care less about my guns just stared at it and muttered "wow" now that alone should be testimony to your workmanship. I have to wait till next Friday to take it to the range to see if it shoots as good as it looks, but I have confidence that it will give me better accuracy than these 59 year old eyes can produce. Again Dean all I can say is " thanks for a wonderful rifle" and I will be doing business with you again.
Best Regards,


Dear Mr Dillabaugh:

Wanted you to know that the DGR M1 Garand Stock Set you prepared for me in dark Type 2 finish arrived today.  It is elegant.  The wood looks warm and natural, the grain pattern is delicately accented giving it soft appeal, and the staining is flawless.  The fit is as fine as the finish and lock-up is tight.  The stock set is already holding a six digit Winchester receiver with a new Wilson barrel and all fitted USGI parts from the old Springfield Armory.  This was a project that was a long time in the making.  The DGR stock set brings this project to a fine conclusion.

Thank you for the pains-taking effort you put into your work.  It is comforting to know that a real American craftsman still exists who doesn't compromise on the smallest detail. I couldn't be more pleased with your work.




Hi Dean,
I had the Garand out yesterday for sighting in. I'm pleased to tell you that it was shooting better than 1 MOA @ 100 yards from a front rest. I know it is capable of better accuracy, but these old eyes can't see much better than 1 MOA with iron sights. The rifle was zeroed @ 100 yards in only 9 shots. 7+ EL and 4R WIND was the final setting. It's right on using a 6 o'clock hold on a 6" aiming black.
Thanks for a "sweet M1".


To say that I am impressed with my M1 Garand would be the understatement of the year.  The workmanship and skill that you put into this rifle is top quality and is very much appreciated. 
One of the first things I thought when I picked it up was how some young American soldier must have felt when he was issued a new M1 back in '43 or '44.  And, in a totally unexpected way, it makes me more appreciate an old war Garand that has been beat up and almost worn out.
If this rifle shoots as good as it looks I will be a very satisfied customer.  I'll be in touch.
Thanks for the quick turn around on the rifle.  It is a work of art.


I've been enjoying my Garand for over 10 years now but with a tired barrel and worn finish/stock set I decided to give it the make over it deserved.  After researching and talking to several 'experts' in Garand restoration I quickly settled on DGR.  Dean has easily made a customer for life due not only to his outstanding attention to detail, fit and finish but he actually knows how to effectively communicate to his customers even guys like me who aren't exactly experts.  DGR represents to me how it really ought to be but usually isn't,  I feel you get the best of everything and it's rare pleasure to feel that way after the check has cleared.  I'm hoping to find a decent 1903 project that will be sent directly to DGR!
thanks again from Arizona,  Matt


I received both rifles - and am very happy with both!
I especially like the hybrid walnut - well worth the extra $$ to get such a unique pattern.
They sat in the living room for me to drool over for a few days - but now I have to break down and put them in the safe :(


Hi. Dean,

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know I got a Gold with your gun at Perry in the JC Garand match.  Best score I have shot in any of the 7 JCG matches at Perry.

Slow Prone         98-1
Prone Rapid        93-0
Offhand               89-1
Total                 280-2
Vero Beach, Fl.



Below is my Camp Perry 2004 Update as promised

National John C. Garand Match >>>> Here we go MY BEST MATCH BY FAR (SILVER MEDAL WINNER) Ranked top 10% out of 1316 shooters entered in the match. Missed a GOLD Medal by ONE POINT, I shot a darn six in off-hand got caught by the famous Camp Perry wind off Lake Erie. My score 277 4X out of a possible of 300 my slow fire prone was almost perfect a 99 4X out of a possible 100 points.

My DGR Rifle was true to the mark once again, and had the shooter been up to it the rifle was capable of winning the match.




Thank you for building me the finest Garand I have ever seen. This gun is awesome! Your professionalism, excellent communication when I had questions, and workmanship is second to none. I appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. I can tell you that this Garand will end up being a family heirloom. It is of that quality, for sure.
I have also posted a forum recommendation at: http://www.battlerifles.com/viewtopic.php?t=29831
Thanks again!


I just got back from the range. The M-1 you did the extreme makeover on shoots much better!!  With my reloads I had been getting 2"to 3" groups prior to sending it to you. I put about 80 rounds through it today and got 1 1/2" to 2" groups  consistently. I bought a box of new factory ammunition for comparison and could only do about 3" with that stuff. That is really about all I can expect with these eyes. I know it can do even better with a  set of young eyes. In any event, I am extremely pleased with the looks of the rifle as I told you and I am surprised and delighted with the improvement in accuracy. Many thanks again for the work you did. I couldn't be happier.
Best wishes, Dave



I have no problem with you posting my email. In fact if you have anyone who wants to discuss it with me, go ahead and give them my phone number. I would be happy to spread the "Gospel of Dean" which as we all know is "Life's too short to shoot and ugly gun".  When you told me on the phone that I could expect an improvement in accuracy I was hopeful but definitely had a wait and see attitude. As we discussed, the receiver, barrel, TE and muzzle wear were all in pretty good shape for an early 1942 M-1. When you did your magic it all seemed to come together very nicely. I am really glad that you talked me into putting a new stock on the rifle. It now locks up tighter than a tick and I feel that was a major benefit to improving the accuracy.  I'm sure that all the other tweaks you did, like new springs and a few little parts, all helped. In any event, I'm happier that a pig in poop.

Best to you all, Dave.


Hi Dean,
Just wanted to say thank you again for the work you did to my rifle.  This is the best looking M-1
 I have ever seen!  I am still amazed at the Bastogne stock set.  The grain changes with the angle that you are looking from.  You are absolutely right, it is Chameleon wood.   My main interest in sending my rifle to you had nothing to do with how well it would look but how well it would shoot.  I took it to the range today and it shoots every bit as well as it looks.  The trigger job is excellent, nice clean break.  Two five shot groups averaged 1and 1/2 inches.  The rifle is capable of shooting better than my 48 year old eyes.  It was difficult to concentrate on shooting with a group of droolers wanting to know where I got the beautiful wood from!  I contacted one of your competitors and asked them the same questions I asked of you prior to me sending my rifle for repairs.  You went out of your way to answer every question I had.  I cannot say the same for the other guys.  Again, thank you, I am one very satisfied customer.




Hi, Dean!

All I can say is Thank You! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

When I opened that box all I could do was stare at the gorgeous M1 Garand that was inside…
I bet I sat there with a stupid grin on my face for a good minute or two before I actually picked
it up. And then I didn’t put it down for 20 minutes. You did an awesome job and I couldn’t
possibly be any happier with the results.

I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to spend that kind of dough, but now that I see what it got me I can honestly say it was the best money I ever spent.

I mentioned before that I’m a host/moderator over on Parallax Bill’s milsurp forums. I posted a report and lots of photos over there so the whole world could see how awesome your work is. Feel free to check out the responses when you have a spare moment or two:


Thanks again for hooking me up with the best looking Garand what ever there was! J

I hope you and your family have an absolutely wonderful Christmas and an even better New Years!

Take care!

~ Greg ~


Dean, Ok I am back and it was great!! I took the bronze medal in the John C. Garand match on Saturday!  Dean thanks again for the fantastic rifle you built for me.  I stopped counting the number of people at Perry who wanted to know where the stock came from.  The rifle looks not only good, but is a tack driver too!  Not bad for a guy who sighted in the rifle at 200 yards on Friday and took off for Perry that same day.

Thanks, Joe


Dean, The HRA M1 arrived today and I was stunned, as usual.  I can honestly say that your work has no equal - the Parkerizing is flawless, as is the wood work.  I have seen other Parkerizing jobs done by several outfits now and none come close to yours in uniformity, color, or quality.  I'll post on CSP as soon as I can manage to take a picture that does the rifle justice.



Dean & Kenya, I shot my rifle this week.  I was able to sight it in at 100 yards at a local range.  From the bench, it was holding in the 10 ring with little difficulty and functioned flawlessly.  I consider myself to be an average shooter, but right away I was shooting off hand groups half the size from before.  When I shipped my rifle to you, I signed up for the Garand Match at Camp Perry hoping that it would be completed by then.  I have never shot in any formal competition with a rifle and have always wanted to get involved with the Garand Match, (my military training is limited to the M-9 pistol).  I shot a 256 and qualified for a bronze medal in my first match.  The rifle was very comfortable and gave me confidence that I never had with any AR-15 type rifle.  By the way, quite a few shooters stopped by to look at my rifle and all commented how nice it looked.  I am very pleased with your work - this is the perfect rifle for me.

Thanks again, Mike


Hi Dean & Kenya, I just wanted to tell you what happened to me and my son at the Garand Match at Camp Perry.  We had the rifles that you refinished with the Bastogne Hybrid walnut stocks and we got a bunch of compliments of the rifles, which was an ego buster.  Also, we were interviewed by a NRA writer for the American Rifleman.  Another gentlemen from Michigan was interviewed with us, all three of us having DGR rifles.  I just thought you should know that people really noticed your workmanship and attention to quality.  Thanks for a great rifle.

Sincerely, Richard


(Posted on Battlerifles.com)  Aloha Everyone,  The DGR rifle that I ordered from Dean and Kenya Dillabaugh arrived last night!  It is everything I expected and more, much more!  I wanted a beautiful .308 M1 Garand, as a center piece to my slowly growing M1 Garand collection. and I got what I asked for and then some!  The rifle is parked a dark gray throughout and the Parkerizing looks awesome!  But what is outstanding is the wood.  Dean suggested the Bastogne Hybrid Walnut and this wood is unlike anything I have seen.  It appears transparent or translucent with multiple lines of grain and fiddle back crossing over each other.  It takes on different patterns from angles and when light is applied.  It seems like it glows!  The only thing more outstanding than the rifle itself, is the man who built it!  Dean Dillabaugh.  This is a person who goes out of his way to answer each and every question and still manages to get his masterpieces out.  He is patient, kind, understanding and very professional in every way especially in his workmanship.  His rifles are OUTSTANDING!

Aloha and best wishes, Tom


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