Previously Sold Firearms

Underwood M1 Carbine 1434015

Remington 03A3 3552578

SA M1 3093581

Springfield Armory M1A 316611

Standard Products M1 Carbine 1988786

Remington 03A3 #3815937

SA M1 #5936426

Inland M1 Carbine #6358230

SA M1 #3660075

Inland M1 Carbine #5156155

SA M1 #5941328

Remington 1903 #3355911

Saginaw SG M1 Carbine #3253656

HRA M1 #5630134

HRA M1 #5786492

WRA M1 #1296168

Remington 03A3 #3563656

Longbranch 4MK1 (.303 cal) #44L5874

SA M1 #1886352

Standard Products M1 Carbine #2120013

SA M1  #3753935

Saginaw S.G. M1 Carbine #3557516

Smith Corona 03A3 #4779640

SA M1  #3178921

NPM M1 Carbine #4285415

SA M1 Garand #3352123

SA M1 Tanker #5396820

.308/7.62 MM

Inland M1A1 Carbine #5139438

.30 Cal Carbine

HRA M1 T26-Tanker #5700353

30 Cal. (30-06)

Quality Hardware M1 Carbine #4634142

Russian SVT 40 (Torkarev) #54265

WWII SA M1 #3854280

Eddystone M1917 #1174974

Inland M1 Carbine #141700

Ishapore 2A1 7.62MM #R0330

SA M1 #777098

M48A #19295 (8MM)

Ruger Ranch (Provisions for scope mounts), Stainless Steel .223 cal. #195-77970

Israeli K-98 Mauser 7.62 MM Cal. #2809e

HRA M1 Garand #5747957

Remington 1903 #3179222

Ruger Mini 14 #183-93346

Remington 03A3 #3552578


Standard Products M1 Carbine #1988786

M1 Garand-HRA "Tanker" #4682408

Firearms Shown Below Are Not For Sale

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April 11, 2012 co-founder, partner, best friend and loving wife, Kenya Charlene Dillabaugh passed away from medical issues that she lived with for over 18 years.  Kenya was known by military firearm collectors coast to coast.  Those customers/friends that got to know her, all felt lucky in doing so.

I could write books about Kenya, but instead decided to build 2 tribute rifles in her memory.  These 2 rifles (M1 & M1 Carbine) are the only rifles that will be made in tribute to Kenya.  While DGR will produce others that look the same; only the 2 seen in here have KCD stamped under their butt plates.

Both have been sold.  A friend asked me why I sold rifles made in tribute to Kenya.  I told my friend that 24 years ago Kenya sold my first M1 at a Del Mar CA gun-show while I was outside taking a smoke break.   So now I figure we are even.  :)


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