03 or 03A3  STOCK SETS

DGR has lowered prices but not quality on many of the services we offer. 

1)   Parkerizing:  Due to customer requests we eliminated the written tech inspections and related expense with Parkerizing jobs.  We will still inspect the rifle and note to the customer anything that needs attention, but no longer will a written tech inspection be automatically included.  It is now an option that customers can request.

2)   Package Deal:  All of our package deals that usually include new stock sets with DGR fitting and hand rubbed oil finishes, new Parkerizing, and new barrel in complete package deals.

3)   Rifle Stock Sets:  DGR has always supplied high quality stock sets in a variety of woods.  But recently we changed suppliers which brought costs back to within reason.  While at present the types of woods is slightly less, the quality and DGR’s custom finishing remain the best in the industry.

DGR is the industry leader when it comes to custom finishes, attention to details and reasonable prices.

USGI receivers only

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New 03 "C" Stock Sets, Fitted and Finished

New 03  Straight Finger Grooved Stock Sets, Fitted and Finished

(Brown Stain Only)      

$430.00-Unavailable at this time

$430.00-Unavailable at this time

New  03A3  "C" Stock Sets, Fitted and Finished

(Brown Stain Only)      

$430.00-Unavailable at this time

DGR's Authentication Stamp

DGR has 3/4" or 1/2" stamps that can be stamped into your new wood to authenticate that your stock set was finished by DGR.  Stamps are only applied upon customers request.

Please Note:

Stock sets are a product of nature, so it is impossible for DGR to guarantee grain structure.  However, we do our best to satisfy our customer's.


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An email sent to us:

Tom's wife Betty writes, I was upstairs changing when I heard Tom say, "oh baby your so beautiful! I missed you and you look so good. You smell good too! And you feel great!"...yep, I ran downstairs to see who he was talking to and found he was talking to the gun you had built for him!

I'm glad you made him so happy, now if I could get him to put it down and take me out to dinner! 

Thank you, Betty

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