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USGI receivers only

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Give us your serial number and we will provide you with a proper stock set for that serial number. An example of this would be a 1942 Inland with high wood, "I" cut and 2 rivet hand guard. And you choose the type of finish!  See more under highlighted section below.

(Add $50 for WRA & "I" cut high wood)



Low wood with 2 rivet hand guard and DGR finishes.


Get the correct contour of stock and hand guard for your USGI carbine!

DGR now offers walnut carbine stock sets cut from original patterns for the following M1 carbine stocks and hand guards: Inland, Winchester, Underwood, Quality Hardware, Rock-Ola, Irwin Pedersen, Saginaw, National Postal Meter, Standard Products and IBM.

We can supply high wood, low wood, "I" cut or oval cut and either two rivet or four rivet hand guards.  If you are not sure what type of stock or hand guard is needed, give us the manufacture and serial number of your carbine and we will help you select the correct stock set.

Please note, DGR does not apply original stamps/cartouches to any of our stock sets.

USGI receivers only

DGR's Authentication Stamp

DGR has 3/4" or 1/2" stamps that can be stamped into your new wood to authenticate that your stock set was finished by DGR.  Stamps are only applied upon customers request.

Please Note:

Stock sets are a product of nature, so it is impossible for DGR to guarantee grain structure.  However, we do our best to satisfy our customer's.

Online Orders
When you are ready to place your order Click Here to access the Secure Order Form.
Secured Order Form Protects Your Information

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