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An Estimated 40% Of An M1s Accuracy Comes From a Proper Fitting Stock Set!

This entire page has information regarding what we do to the M1 stock sets.  Please look to the information regarding a special receiver cut we make after the pricing section of this page.

What do we do…please let me explain.  The stock sets we receive are machine inletted, but still requires hand fitting of all three pieces for better fit and accuracy of the rifle.

Below are pictures of equipment purchased for just the fitting of these stock sets we work on.

  Two power tools used for the final fitting of the hand guards and stocks.  The belt sander on the left has a special guide bar (hard to see in the picture) that controls the stock while making the receiver cut I describe below.  The other tool is used for trimming off excess wood from the bottom of hand guards and tops of stocks.

 And this is the workbench with parts and tools used for the final fitting of stock sets.  (Not shown are many different files and wood chisels. )  

Why do all this???  It is for accuracy.  With the M1, 40% of the rifles accuracy comes from the stock set.  To achieve the rifles accuracy potential a proper fitting stock set from DGR is needed.  Plus, send us your trigger group and we will fit the stock to your trigger group, giving you a true "custom fit" at no additional charge to you!

And we finish these stock sets!  That does not mean we simply apply some stain and oil, it means each piece is meticulously sanded.  Type 2 finishes get sanded to 220 grit before stain and oil is applied.  For DGR’s type 1 finish all are sanded to 600 grit.

So if you are looking for a stock set where accuracy and appearance is important…you have come to the right place.


And Sometimes Customers Say It Best!

I received my semi fancy, shiny finished M1 stock w new metal from you several weeks ago and put the action in it and finally got to shoot it on Monday afternoon. The rifle shot reasonably well in the CMP stock after I modified the fit of it, now after putting the DGR stock on it, it shoots very well.  After getting a mechanical wind zero on the rifle, my last five shots were 3Xs and 2 10s on the SR target at 200yd. It looks good and it shoots very good, thanks.   SF 

New Stock & Hand Guard Metal!

If purchased with a new DGR stock set...



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Includes front hand guard spacer, front hand guard ferrule, butt plate, butt plate screws, butt stock swivel stock ferrule and swivel, and rear hand guard clip.

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Standard grade American walnut stock set

Add $20 for type 1 shiny finish

Also Available As Fitted/Unfinished:  $247.00


Semi fancy walnut stock set

Also Available As Fitted/Unfinished: $360.00


Laminated stock set

Brown/Tan colors only

$300.00- Temporarily out of stock


Medium fancy Walnut stock sets,

Claro & Black Walnut




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Walnut M1 Tanker front hand guards-unfinished when purchased with a Tanker barrel or stock set. 



DGR's Authentication Stamp

DGR has 3/4" or 1/2" stamps that can be stamped into your new wood to authenticate that your stock set was finished by DGR.  Stamps are only applied upon customers request.

All stock sets sold by DGR will have our DGR stamp under the butt plate.

Please Note:

Stock sets are a product of nature, so it is impossible for DGR to guarantee grain structure.  While the type of wood will be the same, there might be color differences in all pieces of the stock set.  However, we do our best to satisfy our customer's wishes. 

Special DGR Feature

We believe a properly fitted M1 stock can amount to 40% of the rifles accuracy.  Customers who had dramatic increases in accuracy after installing one of our stock sets and making no other modifications to the rifle have proven this time and time again.  Pictured is a USGI stock, (post WWII) and a new stock with one of the modifications made by DGR.  The arrows are pointing to the area that has been modified, both in the USGI stock and the DGR stock.  This modification is critical in a properly fitted stock.  As seen in the picture, this allows the back 1/3 of the receiver to set on the wood, with slight clearance up to the receiver legs. This prevents the receiver from rocking in the stock and is very important for accuracy and proper function of the rifle.  DGR utilizes a special jig and band saw to make these modifications, assuring the best fit in the industry.

Special Cut Made For Back 1/3 of Receiver

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We offer stock sets that we have sanded as described above and with our excellent hand rubbed oil finish, which DGR is known for.  And now, we also offer fitted/unfinished standard grade stock sets for those who like to finish their own wood.  (Click here for a description of the three different hand rubbed oil finishes.)

DGR fits all stock sets we sell to an action in our shop.  It is possible that you might experience some difficulties with your trigger group once you have installed your new stock set.  While this is rare, if it happens, DGR will need to have your complete rifle to make the needed adjustments, which we will do at no charge, (you only cover the shipping costs).  This rare problem is not the fault of the stock or our work, it is because not all trigger groups are the same.

We have provided pictures below of our Stocks Sets.


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