Tech Inspection of Rifles

Barrel: check throat erosion, muzzle condition, bore condition, indexing and headspace.

Gas Operation System for M1: Gage and list the dimensions of the gas cylinder and operating rod.

Timing For M1: Check the timing and related parts.

Stock Condition: Check the lock up and related parts to assure the best chance of accuracy. An overall condition of the stock and hand guards will also be noted.

Springs: Check the condition of all springs.

Sights: Check for tightness and function.

Function Tests: We will perform three separate "non firing" function test.

Lubrication: All moving and related parts will be lubricated with our special grease if needed.

For a fee of $65 DGR will provide a written copy of the tech inspection.  If no request is made before the inspection is completed, no written report can be generated due to the information not beind kept by the person inspecting the firearm.