Wood Finishing Includes:

We offer two types of hand rubbed oil finishes:

Type 1 Finish - Fancy Finish - Used most often on Extra Fancy Grade stocks, birch stock sets or custom built rifles. This is a shiny oil finish that truly brings out the color and figure in the wood.

Type 2 Finish - Military Dull Finish - Used most often when the wood has never been sanded before, does not have deep dents that require filler. This finish was developed to look like the finishes found on original issue stock sets. The finish is smooth like the type 1, but duller.

  • Painstaking preservation of all cartouches and/or other markings.

  • Raising all dings or dents that can be raised through conventional means.

  • Epoxy filling of deep gouges as per government rebuild practice.

  • Micro wood finishing.

  • Military-spec stock stain

  • Custom hand-rubbed oil finish where several coats are used, so the drying process takes much longer than that of other commercially available stocks.  The results are a more attractive stock with a longer lasting finish.